Thursday, August 9, 2007

TechEd 4 - Acropolis and SCSF

Kathy Kam is a project manager on Acropolis so went along to see if Smart Client Software Factory can really be replaced by Acropolis - certainly not right now as we were warned that it's only very early stages with an expectation of a 2008 timeframe.

Didn't really get clear a picture of where Acropolis is being pitched from the preso - although she did say that they were getting inspiration from old MFC wizard and CAB/SCSF-  so asked her a few questions afterwards.

Apparently the SCSF lives on with the next work being to include WPF, plus the teams are talking bi-weekly.  This is different to the blog talk from Glenn Block when Acropolis was announced ("we currently have no further plans for SCSF releases").  To further questions, there was talk of plans for some level of migration tool (may just be a document) from SCSF to Acropolis, but that SCSF would be deprecated.

The picture that's forming for me is that Acropolis is something more lightweight than SCSF so not certain about its use for hard core apps.

Was a bit disappointing to see WPF transitions demo'd and very little about the patterns which underpin Acropolis.

So might be time to check out what looks to be a really comprehensive set of blog articles by Jeremy Miller - The Build Your Own CAB Series Table of Contents

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