Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workflow 4 and other stuff

Matt Winkle introduces the updated designer -


What's new in Globalisation in .NET 4 -

Odyssey WPF Controls - - Rudi Grobler

WPF App Framework -


Why no VS 64 bit -

How to make Layer Validation Diagrams work in the build -

Grassroots Innovation @ Microsoft -

MVVM webcast -

F# scripts - and

Oslo - part 2 

Oslo in action -

EF database first is in 3.5, model first is coming in 4.0, also "code only" is coming for 4.0 beta 1 p://

LINQ to SQL compiled queries

Caliburn (WPF/SL framework) has gone RC -


TFS automated buids video -

TFS Rangers say what's cool in VSTS 2010 -

Visualising Branch Hierarchies -

Pex -


Automated UI testing - VS 2010 Coded UI Test example -


Mapping requirements to test plans & test cases in VSTS 2010 -


Memory mapped files in .NET 4 -


Code Contracts Primer -(new in .NET 4) - 


BizTalk 2009 - Enterprise Service Bus toolkit -


MEF primitives -


MVVM light toolkit -

Monday, June 1, 2009

Interesting links for 2 June 09


David Hill has posted about a prototype Prism Quick Start Kit -


What's in and coming for WPF 4 -

IronPython 2.6 Beta 1 on Codeplex -

The 2nd DLR language - IronRuby is up to 0.5 -

DLR gets to 0.91 -

VS2010 walkthroughs -


What works with VS2010 (Blend/ SL) -


Great tutorial by Jason Zander


The Lab Management Product – An Overview -


Architectural Inspections: Implemented in Visual Studio Team Architect 2010

Integrated and Isolated Shell for VS 2010 Beta 1 - App that let's you see demos of WPF & SL controls

ViewModels and CheckListBoxes

The Role of Sketching in Software Development -


Blueprints have disappeared - gone into "internal incubation" - 


DSL Tools - VS2010 Beta 1 - and




Press site for Bing - -  GhostDoc has been acquired by SubMain, developer of tools like CodeIt.Right. The agreement covers the usage of GhostDoc's documentation generation technology in their products, as well as the availability of GhostDoc as a standalone product. SubMain will continue to maintain and distribute a non-crippled version of GhostDoc free of charge, and will make sure that it will work with future versions of Visual Studio like the upcoming VS2010. The first step is a new version 2.5 of GhostDoc that has been released just moments ago.


VS2010 Code Gallery - some new add-ins for VS2010 -

- RegEx editor, Insert Images in source files, custom intellisense presenter

ActiPro SyntaxEditor for WPF 

SyntaxEditor is a powerful text editing control that is packed with features for efficient code editing, including syntax highlighting, line numbers, block selection, IntelliPrompt UI, split views, zooming, bi-di support, and much more. It has many of the same code editing features found in the Visual Studio code editor.

SyntaxEditor is built on top of our next-generation extensible text/parsing framework. While over 20 sample languages are available to get you started (such as C#, VB, XML, and more), custom language definitions can be developed and distributed with your applications as well. SyntaxEditor is designed for use in IDE (integrated development environment) applications, however there are many other applications out there than can take advantage of such a control.


Chris Sells says that Oslo May 2009 CTP Available Now  

So what this Oslo stuff all about? - From DSLs and Models to “Quadrant” using “Oslo” May CTP – Part I