Thursday, August 9, 2007

TechEd 3 - Workflow

Have been reading Matt Winkle's blog so good to see his preso.  WF is definitely a dev's tool, but I asked him about how you could get more use out of the workflows that BAs create (in Visio).

Can host the WF designer of course, but not too friendly, can use a 3rd party product like K2 (which is based on WF), or can roll your own designer.  Matt also suggested looking at Sharepoint Workflow Designer which uses an Outlook Email Rules type interface to enable authoring of workflows around Sharepoint 2007 lists.

So checked out the K2 guys and they have a tool which enables authoring of workflows using Visio 2007 and the wiring up to built-in "BlackPearl" wizards, or custom (Visual Studio) code.  It only need runtimes for participants in workflows at cost of $A 200.

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