Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TeamPlain 2 - MS version available

Brian Harry has announced that v2 is now available - and of course it's got a name change to "Team System Web Access Power Tool" - try to say that quickly !

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FLEE - Fast Lightweight Expression Evaluator

Eugene Ciloci has created a new project on Codeplex - FLEE.  This work is also on CodeProject.

The project description says: "A .NET expression parser and evaluator that uses a custom compiler and lightweight codegen to compile expressions to IL and emit them to a dynamic method."

Worthy of a look.

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Build your own Software Factory

Jezz Santos and Edward Bakker have posted slides and recording of presentation they did at TechEd.  Their talk is a summary of a series of blog articles they wrote earlier this year.

Although they won't be at Oz TechEd, Tom Hollander ( EntLib fame who is now back in Oz) has a session on Software Factories (ARC308 - Thu Aug 9 - 11:30am)

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