Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long Time No Write

So long since the last post :-(

Have come across quite a few interesting posts recently.

The VS/VSTS/TFS 2008 SP1 beta seems to signal a new direction for Microsoft.  It hardly fits the criteria for a SP, and if they continue this approach, I think it will mean significant updates at least every year.  It also explains why Rosario has been delayed.

A few posts in the unit testing / mock area:-

"Alachisoft has released NCache Express 3.2, a FREE in-memory distributed object cache for .NET. NCache Express lets you scale up your .NET application performance by caching frequently used application data close-by and reducing expensive database trips. NCache Express is totally FREE to use and is not a trial version."  More

There are some WPF videos around SP1.  I watched the David Teitlebaum one which showed some cool effects - but just got to work out where we could use them!

Some good ideas re the use of ReSharper

Good to see that Unity (1.1) is now a part of EntLib 4.0, which indicates a good future for it when coupled with Krzysztof Cwalina's article on MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) which implied that Unity will morph in the .NET framework after it's passed the test of time".

There's also been a good series on how Microsoft Dev Division uses Team System.  Latest post is chapter 7 on risk.