Thursday, August 9, 2007

TechEd 2 - Project Server / TFS

Went to a session on Project Server / Timesheets (sounds boring) to see if we could use the Project Server 2007 VSTS connector to get timesheeting for tasks, etc that we use in Team System.  Timesheets in Project Server look very enterprisy (approvals, etc) so didn't look promising for task WIs.  Asked the presenter about how TFS & Proj Server are aligning, and got the same answer as last year - sorry don't know much about that stuff that devs do.

Talked to the Process MeMtoR guys who have a RUP like methodology tool.  They add an Owner field to WIT they track in MS Project (not sever), and map this field to resources in Project - so they can schedule on a team basis rather than AD users - see video.

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