Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Project almost finished

Our current project is almost finished, so I've at last had a chance to browse my blog feeds.

Here's the list of interesting items that attracted my attention over the last few weeks.


Tim Sneath Announcing Family.Show v3 – Our WPF Reference Application -

The guys from Mindscape  have announced WPF Flow Diagrams 1.0 released

Josh Smith has an article Using ContentControl3D and Panel3D in a ListBox

MVVM videos

Josh Smith Two Model-View-ViewModel Screencasts

Learn Prism - from Blaine Wastell -

How to build an outlook style application using Prism -

UX stuff

Shane Morris has pointed to New Video Series- UI Design for Developers Series, by Total Training

Mark Miller has as series of posts on Great UI.  Here is the first one I came across - Clarity and Color on the Presentation Layer - 

Tip: Invoking Blend from Visual Studio -

Bling- easy animation and interaction in C# and WPF


Event Aggregation with MEF (with and without EventAggregator)

Rob Relyea - what's coming in .NET 4 for XAML - XAML State of the Union – Feb 2009 -

Somasegar announces DevLabs: Code Contracts for .NET

Talking Points: ADO.NET Entity Framework

NaturalSpec is based on NUnit and completely written in F# -

NCalc - Mathematical Expressions Evaluator for .NET

Rockford Lhotka has a summary article on Parallel and Concurrency Futures for Microsoft Developers -

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