Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Tuesday



Josh Smith has a new CodePlex project called Thriple - a library of 3D WPF components.

Rudi Grobler describes Karl's XAML Power Toys - Extract Properties to Style feature.  He also points to a cool sample app called PhotoSuru. 

Jaime Rodriguez shares his list of WPF blogs.

Sacha Barber describes what he calls the MVVM Mediator pattern.

Charles Perzold has an article in MSDN magazine about writing more efficient ItemsControls.

And our own Tarang Waghela writes about Implementing M-V-VM pattern in WPF.


New article in MSDN magazine on Strategies For Designing Application Navigation

Cory Schuman has a generic XAML loading control

Dax Pandhi has a free WPF theme


Solution Factory is a Visual Studio Addin that exports a solution as a Visual Studio multi-project template

Brian Harry has "lots of news" about VSTS2010/.NET4.0.

Brad Abrams shows off what's coming in Sliverlight 3 for Business Applications.

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