Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekly blogs of interest - 7 Sep 2008

J. D. Miers from Patterns and Practices continues his Application Architecture Guide with an article on Layers & Components.

The famous Don Box gives his elevator talk on Oslo.

The second CTP of MEF (managed extensibility framework) is now on Codeplex.  See announcements from Glen Block(ex Prism), Brad Abrams, Hammett (the guy behind Castle Windsor) and Krzysztof Cwalina.  That's some pretty heavyweight people who are involved - so it's certainly worth watching.  In the meantime we'll be sticking with Unity for now, but we'll be taking  close look.

Blaine Wastell and David Hill have blogged about the latest plans for Prism 2.0

Karl Shifflett has created what looks like a pretty cool XAML Power Toy for WPF for now.

The F# September 2008 CTP has been announced by Soma.  Lots of blogging activity about the new functional programming language.

Mike Taulty has posted some WPF examples and also has an article about why XBAPS are Rich Internet Applications

David Starr has an interesting idea about how to judge if your products are "technically current".

Josh Smith is a fan of MVVM and shows off another example.

Yet another top dev is joining Microsoft.  Andrew Peters, co-founder of Mindscape (WPF Property Grid & Lightspeed) will be working on Entity Framework.

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