Sunday, September 14, 2008

The week gone by - 14 Sept 2008

Shane Morris, Microsoft UX evangelist for Australia paid us a visit on Fri 12th to give inspire us about the importance of user experience and what it means to Microsoft and to partners like use.  Shane's blog is worth subscribing to.  We've also had Matt Morphett who Shane holds in very high regard, working with us on some interaction design.

I've been looking more closely at the DLR - Dynamic Language Runtime, especially after I talked with Harry Pierson at TechEd.  Harry looks after Iron Python, and V2.0 will run on the DLR.  It seems to hold great promise in the "scripting" environment.

Jimmy Schementi has updated the Silverlight Dynamic Languages SDK with the newest DLR, IronRuby, IronPython, and JScript binaries and sources.  I've also read that a dynamic version of VB is also slated to run on the DLR, but it's been pretty quiet since the MIX07 announcement, so maybe we'll hear something more at PDC.

Also of interest is DLR Pad, which creates an interactive programming environment for IronPython and WPF.  It's on Codeplex.

Poking around in the IronPython space, I came across Resolver which is an interesting Excel-like / Python fusion - written mainly in IronPython.  Harry Pierson mentioned it as a solid reference implementation for IronPython.

The main community site for IronPython is here.  Also Michael Foord & Christain Muirhead are writing a book - IronPython in Action - which I've started to read.  One thing that I did learn was that it got its name from the famous BBC show- nudge, nudge:-).  There's also heaps of material on the official Python site

When looking at Resolver, I came across a Code Project by Sebastien Lorion - A Fast CSV Reader, which could be useful.

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