Monday, November 10, 2008

New stuff - 11 November

StyleCop violations as you type

There's a new release of StyleCop for ReSharper.  Howard van Rooijen has been joined by some other devs.  This means that you get hit with StyleCop violations as you type.

VS2010 goes WPF

Brad Abrams has a short video of Scott Guthrie's PDC keynote about some of the things coming in VS2010.  In the video Scott reveals that VS2010 will use WPF and also use MEF(managed extensibility framework) to extend it.  So that's a great validation for us about WPF which we're using, and MEF which we'll probably adopt.  The video's only 6 minutes and is really worth it.

Hammett (founder of Castle Windsor - now working on MEF) talks about the proposed lifetime support for MEF.

Other new stuff

Drop 5 of Prism v 2 is out.

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