Thursday, October 30, 2008

PDC announcements....

LINQ to SQL  being killed off ?

As per Tim Mallalieu's blog, We’re making significant investments in the Entity Framework such that as of .NET 4.0 the Entity Framework will be our recommended data access solution for LINQ to relational scenarios.  We are listening to customers regarding LINQ to SQL and will continue to evolve the product based on feedback we receive from the community as well.

That seemed to be the message we've been decoding for a while, so lucky we didn't go down that route.

PDC Summaries

Ayende gives his first impressions of using the CTP - Ayende on VS2010

Martin Fowler gives his impressions of Oslo based on a sneek preview prior to the release at PDC

Sam Gentile's points to his  trusted folks summary for PDC day 2

Silverlight & WPF seem to be coming together according Andres Aguiar's report

The Velocity team have announced Velocity CTP 2.  Microsoft project code named "Velocity" provides a highly scalable in-memory application cache for all kinds of data.

Silverlight has Visual State Manager, but it's not yet in WPF.  However the Expression Blend team tell us how to expose it  - Blend 2 SP1 + WPF Toolkit = Visual State Manager for WPF - see previous blog entry.

P&P Guidance

J. D. Meier's Patterns & Practices team has been busy with releases of paper guidance

and this comes on top of the App Arch Guide book that I blogged about earlier in the week.  I've started reading it, and it's definitely recommended reading material.  We'll be following and using it.

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